Our admission criteria when selecting family-run accommodation for soft tourism

Only family-run accommodations that show respect for the nature and culture of their own country in order to contribute to sustainable tourism are listed as friends of soft tourism.

We are in direct contact with the operators so that we can offer more transparency for holidaymakers. Quality over quantity – this should also make it easier for you to find your dream accommodation!

In addition, the accommodations on our site have the opportunity to introduce themselves as a company host in order to bring their guests closer to their work/their family/their country/their region.

With this we would also like to support cultural exchange in order to make the family holiday a unique experience. All listed accommodations are selected by hand according to the following admission criteria:


  • The accommodation is run by a family or a private person.
  • With the familienurlaub.eu concept we would like to support privately run accommodation in particular, which can thus make an economic contribution directly to the holiday region/country. In the best case scenario, it is a family itself who, as hosts, can give valuable tips for family holidays.
  • The accommodation has adapted to the needs of families.
    Children’s playground, cot, children’s toys or particularly child-friendly? With the family-friendliness seal, we want to ensure that families really feel at home on holiday – this should be reflected in the furnishings and / or in the particularly family-friendly atmosphere.
  • The hosts are committed to preserving the nature & culture of their country.
    There are many ways to support soft tourism. After all, it’s about taking the first steps in the right direction. The hosts should be environmentally conscious and should be able to communicate clearly to what extent and with what means and possibilities they support the approach of sustainable tourism.
  • The hosts communicate accommodation’s facilities and its surroundings clearly & transparently.
    No more nasty surprises on site! If accommodation is not particularly suitable for toddlers because there are too many steps in the house or a large pond is in the garden, this should be communicated openly and transparently. This also applies to the equipment of the accommodation, so that a holiday in the respective accommodation can be well planned. In return, this should of course also make clear which special features the accommodation can offer and which family (members) can be particularly addressed with it (e.g. table football, football pitch around the corner or baking utensils for a birthday cake).
  • The hosts are always available to answer questions from (potential) guests. It is not uncommon for guests to have questions before they leave. We want to enable smooth communication between guest and host by paying special attention to this point.

A note on our own behalf

The major project familienurlaub.eu is still in its infancy and is currently under construction. We travel, test and research diligently in order to live up to our claim on familienurlaub.eu as a platform for family-friendly accommodation and family-oriented and sustainable travel.

Our plan cannot be implemented in a few weeks, but that is not our goal at all. For familienurlaub.eu to be allowed to grow and flourish, it takes a lot of time and a little patience.

Speaking of patience: We ask you to be patient when choosing family-run and family-friendly accommodation. It is simply not possible to list a selection based on all of our criteria for every travel destination on familienurlaub.eu within a short period of time.

This requires direct contact with the hosts in order to be able to create detailed profile pages for the respective accommodation. That is exactly our goal!

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