What exactly does familienurlaub.eu do?

Our goal is to sift through and present family-friendly accommodations and excursion ideas in Europe that are privately run and transparently communicate via our platform what awaits you when you arrive.

In addition, hosts on familienurlaub.eu have the opportunity to personally introduce themselves, their career as a family business and thus also the advantages of their accommodation.

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In addition, we offer you a family-friendly travel guide with many exciting topics on the subject of family holidays, which we have compiled with love.

With our wealth of experience with travelling in a wide variety of family arrangements and our professional view of the industry, we would like to support you in the search for your perfect holiday accommodation and provide you with helpful information. We pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Individual tourism: Individual families = individual needs = individual travel! We love holidays far away from mass tourism and would like to support small, family-run businesses with the listed accommodations and offers that will give you an unforgettable holiday. We pay attention to a diverse selection that can meet the most diverse needs of the respective family arrangement.
  • Quality: The establishments and accommodations selected by us have of course been fully examined and evaluated for family suitability and with regard to their quality. Honest and without the „cuddle factor“ for the operator.
  • Exclusivity: The network – a place of infinite possibilities and options. Who can still see through all this? We list accommodations according to the exclusivity principle. This means that only a maximum of 16 accommodations are included per region that really meet our familienurlaub.eu criteria. The agony of choice becomes a fine, small, but high-quality selection.
  • Information: Flying with a baby? Holiday with your grandparents or in-laws? Mosquitoes in Scandinavia? Excursion destinations with children around Berlin? The list of questions about travelling with the family is long. We have not only gained a lot of experience on a wide variety of topics but are also true research professionals. In addition, we speak to experts on a regular basis in order to obtain even better information and so we would like to share this valuable knowledge with you.
  • Personal experiences: Behind familienurlaub.eu are real families in the most varied of arrangements and forms. In addition, we are travel enthusiasts and have thus gained some experience when it comes to travelling with the family. We are also happy to share our anecdotes on the most varied of travel moments.
  • Sustainability: Respect for the country, nature, people and culture. We would like to support family businesses that are not tied to large hotel chains in order to strengthen the local economy. For us, it is also about an interest in and appreciation for the respective travel destination, the natural diversity (fauna and flora) and the people who live there.
  • Holiday in Europe: Europe is as diverse as the personality profile of a patchwork family. The travel times are short, making a short trip a possibility. On top of all this: Short travel times are entirely in the interests of sustainable tourism and thus in the interests of the climate.

Package holidays & anonymous hotel chains? – Not on familienurlaub.eu

You will be far away from all-inclusive hotels, which were part of the cheap package tour on the last family holiday in 2023, but were actually a single disappointment: Only grumpy employees, mediocre food and overcrowded children’s pools and beaches were included. A warm, pleasant and friendly atmosphere with personality, was nowhere to be found, however.

You have the choice of a wide variety of individual accommodations: For example, the small, hidden family hotel in the Allgäu, which has been in the family for three generations and where every guest is first welcomed with the best apple strudel and real insider tips.

Or the guesthouse in the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen, which is run by an older, somewhat taciturn – but incredibly lovable – couple. Children and grandchildren also live in the house next door and are always on hand to provide advice and assistance and, in addition to bicycles and handcarts, also lend suitable beach toys.

Platform for hoteliers, tree house, igloo & holiday home owners

Familienurlaub.eu not only offers a platform for everyone who wants to travel according to this concept, but also for those who want to make their family-run hotel, their cosy houseboat in Sweden or their three treehouses in the Allgäu even better known away from the major booking platforms.

Do you want to give other families an unforgettable holiday with your unique holiday homes and do you know exactly what a family holiday is all about because you are parents yourself?

Are you also a small and high-quality family-run company that you manage yourself and design according to your own ideas? Our individuality and a family-friendly atmosphere very important to you?

Do you have real insider tips ready for every season of the year for stressed parents, stormy toddlers and bad-tempered teenagers? Then just fill out our familienurlaub.eu questionnaire and apply. Tell us what makes your accommodation so special and how your small and large guests can enjoy their stay with you, true to the motto “by families for families”.

With familienurlaub.eu, mass tourist blocks (Bettenburgen), which were not even able to win an architecture competition in the 1970s, are a thing of the past. Overcrowded cruise ships, huge anonymous hotel chains that are so similar to each other that the holidaymaker sometimes doesn’t really know (and ultimately it doesn’t make any difference) where he is on the beach, will not be available on familienurlaub.eu either. Individuality and versatility are our top priorities.


Holiday rentals with charm

At familienurlaub.eu, on the other hand, there is a huge selection of family-run hotels, holiday apartments and holiday homes that guarantee a traditional, authentic and familiar atmosphere, are not like each other and offer personality and real insider tips.

Are you looking for a holiday that is tailored to your needs and in which your children, grandparents, four-legged friends and you yourself get your money’s worth? Then familienurlaub.eu is the right place to be. We know what families want on holiday and we look for suitable accommodations by families for families.

Therefore, dear parents, take your time and go on the next journey with your children. Often you don’t even have to travel far, because the next adventure could already be around the corner.

About the familienurlaub.eu idea and concept

For many parents, package tours that can be booked through TUI or Neckermann, for example, are no longer attractive and are therefore no longer an option for a family holiday in countries such as Spain or Croatia. This is because the demand for flexibility, self-determination and freedom is growing all the time.

Experience and independence, slowing down and individual freedom to arrange things create the perfect mix for an unforgettable family holiday on Lake Garda in Italy, Sweden or in the Black Forest, which no huge family hotel from a hotel chain or a club holiday in Turkey or Bulgaria can compete with.


By families for families

Familienurlaub.eu was created to help you enjoy an unforgettable holiday with the whole family. Going by the motto “by families for families”, the holiday trip is a real pleasure.

We know that families have many different arrangements. Whether the classic mum, dad, child(ren), patchwork family with adult children, single parents, holiday with the in-laws or four-legged friends: We highlight each accommodation very carefully and pay attention to a detailed description of the surroundings, travel destination and other important features so that only pleasant surprises await you and your loved ones.

Are you longing for a child-friendly atmosphere at your destination, for barrier-free access to the holiday home or the possibility to take your dog with you? We support you and categorically present the best accommodations. The solution is not the all-inclusive offer or conditioning the children so that they remain calm at all times.


A special kind of family holiday

With the accommodations selected by familienurlaub.eu, you will only find suggestions that show character and are characterized by individuality and uniqueness. No two accommodations are the same, because every hotel, every holiday apartment and every treehouse is as special and unique as the families who run them.

Only the owners give your holiday home a personal touch and that certain something. They know what is really important to families and make your holiday a unique experience. You will immerse yourself in the travel destination or holiday destination, learn more about nature, the country and culture and return home with unique travel moments.


Find the best family holiday simply, quickly and clearly

Are you also overwhelmed by the huge range of booking and comparison platforms? Are you tired of spending days or even weeks on countless websites trying to find out whether a family holiday on a farm, a two-week beach holiday in Mallorca or a holiday at a campsite on the Côte d’Azur is best for you?

Familienurlaub.eu brings light to the family holiday jungle and offers you all the information about your family holiday in 2023, 2024 and beyond on a single page. Would you like to find out more about travelling with babies and children in general, or would you like to know what to look out for when arriving by car, train or plane?

Have you been to the Baltic Sea for the last three years and would like to be inspired by other travel destinations for your next family holiday? A family holiday in a family hotel or in a holiday home is not exciting enough for you and you would like to do something very special with your relatives this summer? Have you already decided on a country or a region within Europe, but are still looking for the right accommodation?

You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for on familienurlaub.eu. Because there is a wide range for every type of holiday and for every age group, there are small and large adventurers, sandcastle builders, city trip lovers, dinghy captains, those looking for relaxation, bookworms, gourmets, snowshoe hikers, climbing forest acrobats and even the little sleepyheads in slings or strollers adding to your costs.

Tested by families

In addition, you can really rely on the reviews of the marked accommodations, because the accommodations have been tested by families. This way, you can be sure that the respective holiday homes meet your requirements and that something very special awaits you.

In addition, all offers are marked with different icons so that you can see at a glance which accommodation is suitable for you.


Children’s hotels redefined

The family hotels on familienurlaub.eu are not talking about club holidays or typical children’s hotels, in which the children spend a large part of the holiday separately from their parents – this is not the aim of a family trip in the sense of familienurlaub.eu.

The children’s hotels on familienurlaub.eu are hotels in which children are more than welcome and in which the needs of parents and children of all age groups are equally taken into account.

Time together with the whole family is very important and there are numerous activities that you can do together as a family far away from mass tourism and package tours.

Principle of exclusivity

We work according to the exclusivity principle, which means that we select the 20 accommodations for each region that can meet our requirements for a sustainable family holiday for young and old. We always pay attention to the authenticity, originality and uniqueness of the accommodation we have checked in order to be able to offer a selective and above all a high-quality selection of different family accommodation in the respective region.

In this way, we can also guarantee that you will not disappear or be overwhelmed in the mass of what is on offer, as is the case on other platforms. We would like to emphasize the uniqueness of your family home through your appearance on our website so that you can address future guests even better.


Interview, series of pictures or report

As a platform, we would therefore like to offer you the opportunity to introduce yourself in the form that best represents you – be it through an exciting interview about your company, a high-quality picture series that provides special insights for potential holidaymakers or through an exciting report about your career as a family business.

It’s not just about taking pictures of the rooms on offer and a brief description of your accommodation. It’s about the overall concept of your family home, your passion for what you do and how you want to share your concept with your guests. With our help, you will get your own, individually designed profile on familienurlaub.eu, which will present your company or accommodation to our visitors in the best possible way.

This gives you the chance to attract more guests who above all appreciate what you have built and what you stand for. The application process is very simple – use our questionnaire to introduce yourself or contact us directly by phone or email at:


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